I am many things, photographer, saxophonist, entrepreneur, composer, creative.  I have found that improvement in one area leads me to new insights in another.  I've made my living as a professional saxophonist since the age of 20 and have had the opportunity to play and record all over the world with many different artists.  For most of my life I had an interest in photography, but never took the time to really explore it.  In the past few years I have gone to school so to speak, and immersed myself in the art of photography.  From day one I was addicted.  As my skill has improved so have my tools and vision.

I feel that my experience as a professional musician has prepared me well for my career as a photographer.  Having now been on both sides of the lens I feel I have a unique insight.  From 2000 to 2013 I was the owner of a vegan meal delivery service in Los Angeles.  After nearly 14 years of growing and improving the service I decided it was time to sell.  I am now focused on growing my photography business into a national brand.  Might sound a little ambitious, but why not shoot for the stars.  My experience as a business owner has taught me that if you want to achieve a goal you have to visualize it and come up with a plan.  I have also learned that no situation is ideal, you have to work with what you have and still come up with amazing material.  Life is all about improvisation, and I have done a whole lot of that.